Oyakodon vegetarian

The original Oyakdon is made with chicken but I am using tofu for this vegetrian version. Oyako means parent and child so in this recipe referring to chicken πŸ” and egg πŸ₯š This expression is also used for salmon 🐟 and salmon roe combined dishes πŸ˜ŒπŸ€“


Ingredients serve 2 persons

2 large or 3 small onions

1dl dashi (do not add if you go full vegetarian since it’s fish stock. I use 1 tsp of dashi powder and dissolve in 1dl water. Dashi gives a deep and slightly smokey taste.)

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp mirin

2 pinches sugar

1 pack tofu (soft or firm, it’s up to your liking)

4 eggs

1 spring onion

1 tsp sesame oil

Shichimi and sansho pepper (optional)

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Cut onions into strips

Put onions into a pan, add dashi (optional or use 1dl water instead), soy sauce, mirin and sugar and cook for 5min

Cut tofu into pieces (ca. 1.5x1.5cm), add and cook for another 5min

In the meanwhile, break eggs into a bowl and β€œcut” the egg white with chopsticks and poke the egg yorks. Mix gently so you still see egg yoke and egg white mostly separated (it should not be mixed like for an omelette)

Add 2/3 of eggs into pan (try to get more of the egg white in since they need a bit longer to cook) and gently cook until the eggs start to clot

Add the rest of the eggs and cook until the eggs are almost done (you can decide how runny the eggs should be)

Serve on bowl with rice 🍚 and garnish with cut spring onions and sesame oil (and shichimi and sansho pepper - optional)

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