Pasta aglio πŸ§„ e olio 🍝

Probably my number one ☝️ pasta recipe. Youβ€˜ll be surprised by how tasty it is, depite, or maybe because of its simplicity. All you need is a blender, garlic πŸ§„, parsley 🌿 and some cayenne pepper 🌢 powder.


Ingredients serve 3 persons

500g pasta 🍝

15 gralic cloves (fresh & young ones) πŸ§„

200ml olive oil πŸ«’

200ml water πŸ’§

1 bunch of parsley 🌿

1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder 🌢

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Remove green stems / cores from each garlic πŸ§„ clove

Put all the cloves πŸ§„ into a small pot with cold water πŸ’§ (just enogh to cover them in water) and then bring to a boil. Once itβ€˜s boiling, rinse the water and replace with cold water. Repeat 2 times.

Put oil πŸ«’ and water πŸ’§ into a container. Add the stems of parsely πŸƒ. Add the cayenne pepper powder 🌢. Add the cooked garlic cloves πŸ§„. Mix all with blender to a homogenous sauce.

Take the parsley leaves πŸƒ and cut them very finely.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta 🍝 in water until al dente.

Rinse pasta and put it back immediately into the pot. Add the sauce and the cut parsley leaves to the pot.

Important: Now vigorously stir and mix the pasta until a nice slimy sauce of pasta starch and the oily sauce emerges.

Serve pasta. Add some salt πŸ§‚ and / or parmesan cheese πŸ§€ if desired.

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