Always have to have a batch of homemade kimchi 🥬 at home. It‘s really not that hard, all you need is a bit of patience and some space.


Ingredients serve 20 persons

6kg cabbage 🥬 (Chinakohl)

600g salt 🧂

400ml water 💧

4 tablespoons rice flour or normal flour 🍚

4 tablespoons sugar

60 garlic cloves 🧄

2 onions 🧅

Handfull ginger

Ca 700g Korean pepper flakes 🌶

200ml fish sauce 🐠

70ml soy sauce

Optional: Korean fermented shrimps

1 radish (ca. 700g)

3 carrots 🥕

Ca. 4 bunches spring onions 🌾

Optional: 4 bunches of chives or garlic chives

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Half cabbage 🥬 by cutting a 5cm slit into the stem and rip apart the two halves. Then cut another 3cm slit into the halves‘ stems (so you can rip them apart again at a later step).

Wet all the 🥬 halves.

Take the salt and distibute it thoroughly into all the cabbages.

Let them rest for 30mins. Then turn them over to distribute the salt water and rest another 30mins. Repeat this once more (3 x 30mins). While they rest, start with the next step.

Prepare the porridge 🥣: Put the 400ml water into pot and add rice flour. Bring to boil. Then add the sugar and cook for another 10mins on medium-low heat. Let it cool off.

Mix ginger, onions and garlic into a paste. Add fish sauce and soy sauce. Add all to cooled-off porridge.

Take the shripms and squeeze sauce into porride and finely chop them afterwards. Also add to porrige.

Add all the pepper flakes to porride and mix together.

Cut raddish and carrots into small sticks (as thin as possible)

Cut chives and spring onions into small pieces.

Mix veggies with porridge in a large bowl.

Rinse cabbage very well to remove all excess salt. While you do this, rip them apart again into quarters. Wash and drain carefully. The should be as dry as possible (give them a good squeeze).

Fill the 🥬 quarters with the paste and make sure it‘s evenly distributed.

Fold the filled 🥬 quarters and put them into a clay pot (you can also use another container such as tupper or glass jar). As you fill the pot, press cabbages down to remove air pockets.

Let the fresh kimchi rest at room temperature for two days. Then start cooling the kimchi. In autumn/winter, just leave outside. In summer/spring you may want to put it in a cellar or fridge (but beware of the smell 👃).

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